Volunteers with the Salvation Army are busy collecting and wrapping presents to deliver this Christmas to Michigan children whose mothers and fathers are incarcerated.

Captain Karl Blessing with the Salvation Army said he expects more than 2,100 gifts to be delivered through the program.

Each year, the nonprofit hosts a Prison Toy Wrap, working with the parents to select, wrap and anonymously deliver the presents along with a handwritten note from Mom and Dad.

“This has been a real privilege for us for over 30 years,” Blessing said.

“I cannot imagine how difficult it is for children to have one or both parents incarcerated. What a privilege it is then for us to be able to give gifts to those children,” he said. “So on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve or whenever they happen to open gifts they will have something from their parent.”

Blessing said the imprisoned parents are given the opportunity to write a message to their children to go along with the presents.

“It’s not a whole lot, but it’s something that they know that their parents love them, even though their parents are incarcerated, and were able to get them gifts,” he said.

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