Gunman fires shots at neighbors, barricades himself in east side home

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Detroit — Police are in an east side Detroit neighborhood after a man fired shots at neighbors' homes Tuesday morning.

Officers have surrounded the 19500 block of Pelkey near Seven Mile where the 45-year-old man is barricaded with several handguns, authorities say. 

Calls came in from neighbors at 9:45 a.m. saying shots were fired at the home across the street from the man. Neighbors said the shooter has been angered with them since they moved in, Cmr. Darin Szilagy said.

“Officers attempted to make contact with our suspect who refused to surrender and locked himself in his residence and he is armed with handguns,” Szilagy said. “We have had intermittent contact with the suspect. We are asking him to surrender.”

No one was injured in the shootings. Police believe the man is alone and has a past history of mental health issues that “may have steered him in this direction,” Szilagy said. 

“We want him to know, though, no one has been hurt and this can be worked out in the courts,” Szilagy said. “We want a peaceful ending to this.”

Officers with the department’s ninth precinct are at the scene with a special response team, supervisors and the hostage negotiation team. 

Authorities have formed a perimeter and have issued a public safety announcement to neighboring residents to shelter in place. Traffic is also closed on East Seven Mile and Schoenherr. 

Police have surrounded the 19500 block of Pelkey near Seven Mile after reports of a barricaded gunman.