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Detroit cops' focus on black-market marijuana sales nets arrests, guns

George Hunter
The Detroit News

Detroit — Police say they've made 19 arrests and confiscated 11 guns as part of an enforcement effort aimed at illegal marijuana sales.

Detroit police chief James Craig

Detroit police Chief James Craig last week announced a plan to target people carrying guns illegally during black-market marijuana sales, which he said was helping drive a recent spike in violent crime.

Police say the operation, which began Jan. 22, has resulted in:

  • 19 Felony arrests. Offenses include four for carrying concealed weapons, drug violations and one warrant.
  • 4 marijuana-related misdemeanor arrests
  • 11 guns seized (two rifles, nine handguns) 
  • 115 ordinances issued (including 21 misdemeanor tickets)
  • 10 vehicles seized
  • Narcotics confiscated include 8 grams of suspected cocaine, 6 grams of suspected methamphetamine, 132 suspected pills, 150 grams of suspected marijuana, with 36 additional zip-lock bags of suspected marijuana.

"Our team went out and made a great effort, and I'm thankful for their work," Craig said.

"This effort is really to focus on the violence, and the buyers and sellers who are illegally carrying guns," Craig said. "We recognize and appreciate that the voters have legalized marijuana. We just want people to be safe.

"I don't care about the marijuana — but I care when people get shot," Craig said.