Detroit — The search for a Michigan prison inmate who was recently transferred to Ohio but was improperly released after posting bond there has been apprehended, authorities say.

Talleon Stephon Brazil, 31, was improperly released by Ohio authorities on Jan. 21 after facing criminal charges in court there. The search for Brazil began Jan. 30 when Ohio authorities informed the Michigan Department of Corrections he was released by mistake, according to a statement from MDOC.

Brazil is being lodged in Jackson, according to the statement.

Rather than keeping Brazil in custody until the criminal case had concluded, Ohio authorities released him on bond improperly. Brazil was picked up by family members who brought him back to the Detroit area, according to the statement.

MDOC's Absconder Recovery Unit worked with the U.S. Marshals Service task force, which included Michigan State Police, Detroit Police and the Wayne County Sheriff's department, according to the statement.

“We are glad this case came to a quick resolution,” MDOC Director Heidi Washington said in the statement. “And we appreciate all the assistance from our law enforcement partners who worked so cohesively to make this happen.”

The Associated Press reported on Friday that MDOC released Brazil to Ohio authorities to face drug charges that were bending in Scioto County, and was supposed to remain locked up and then returned to Michigan at the end of the case.

Brazil was sentenced 15-40 years in prison on Feb. 26, 2010 in Wayne County for unarmed robbery, carjacking, felony firearms, possession of weapons by a felon and delivery or manufacture of a controlled substance, the department said.

Brazil may face additional charges related to his time eluding capture, and still faces drug charges in Ohio.

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