Detroit court halts evictions

Christine MacDonald
The Detroit News

Detroit's 36th District Court on Monday afternoon announced an immediate moratorium on evictions. 

“This is a difficult period for our entire community, and in an effort to avoid any additional hardship for those affected, it is important that we halt residential evictions at this time," Chief Judge William C. McConico said in a statement.

36th District Court Judge William McConico hears a case at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit earlier this year.

"As everyone is strongly encouraged to practice social distancing and, if applicable, self-quarantine, during this period, it would be unwise and mean-spirited to remove people from their homes until this threat has passed.”

The Detroit News reported in 2017 that the court averaged 35,000 landlord-tenant eviction cases a year since 2009. 

A coalition of legal organizations and community groups issued a Monday morning public statement calling for the moratorium "due to the ongoing public health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic."