A moratorium on evictions put in place last month for Detroit residents was extended Thursday until April 30, the court administrator of 36th District Court announced.

"While the 36th District Court previously issued a moratorium on evictions March 13 ... the Court has now extended the moratorium to coincide with Governor Gretchen Whitmer's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Order," court administrator LaWanda Crosby said in a press release.

"During this time, it is prohibited for any person to enter a residential property to remove or exclude a tenant from the premises, except when the tenant poses a substantial risk to another person or an imminent risk to property."

Crosby added, "Furthermore, while a tenant still has an obligation to pay rent under a lease, a landlord may not personally serve a demand for payment of rent during this time."

Also on Thursday, the court extended its limited operations due to COVID-19. The court implemented measures March 13 for limited operations to coincide with the governor's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order.

While the court was scheduled to resume normal operations April 13, the court will continue its limited operations until April 30, Crosby and the court's chief judge, William McConico, announced Thursday.

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