'We keep moving, we keep going,' Big Sean, Jeff Daniels say in video for Detroiters hit hard in pandemic

Ariana Taylor
The Detroit News

Feeling anxious and looking for some good vibes amid the pandemic? 

Three Michigan State University alums have put together a short video featuring actor and musician Jeff Daniels and rapper Big Sean to try and lift spirits of beleaguered Detroiters who have found themselves in a hotspot of the coronavirus, with cases, deaths and unemployment rising. 

View the city's downtown from a drone's angle as the melancholy sounds of a piano filter in. Listen to Sean's and Daniels' soothing narration about the city's strength as the Spirit of Detroit and the Joe Louis fist come into view and the music rises as they tout Detroit's resiliency. See the Fox Theatre and Comerica Park, unusually empty for this time of year.

Jeff Daniels

"Yes, we are sheltered in place, but we don't waste our days idly watching the clock. Instead, we do what time does, we keep moving, we keep going, we keep our spirit alive. After all, Motor City knows better than anywhere, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations," say Sean and Daniels, each taking turns with the seamless narration of the almost one-and-a-half minute video. 

Think Pure Michigan ads with a more somber tone.

"I think we all wanted to showcase the resiliency of our city," said David Zemon, one of the producers. "We wanted to show through this video that we, as citizens of Detroit and Metro Detroit, ... have a reason to feel hope, to feel encouraged." 

Adam Luger of Blue Racer Productions said many people were canceling bookings,  so he called Zemon and Scott Gordon, another producer of the video, for help in creating a message of hope for Metro Detroiters. 

Sean "Big Sean" Anderson

"We wanted something to be uplifting and positive," said Zemon. "We all feel helpless right now ... and we all want to make any difference that we can."

The three producers wanted an authentic Detroit feel, so they reached out to famous Detroiters. Daniels, raised in Chelsea, and Sean, raised in Detroit, agreed to narrate the video for free.