Detroit — The city has 114 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and seven more deaths have been attributed to the virus, according to Health Department data released Friday. 

Detroit's Chief Public Health Officer Denise Fair said the city now has 9,676 total confirmed cases of coronavirus and 1,156 Detroiters have died.

Still, the city's week-to-week trend "continues to be encouraging," she said. 

"In the past seven days, we have lost 45 Detroiters to the virus, less than half the prior seven days when there were 98 deaths," Fair said in a statement.

The latest figures come as Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has noted a significant decline in the weekly rate of deaths over the past month. There were 208 three weeks ago, 127 deaths the week afterward and 60 in the past seven days, he said earlier this week. 

The mayor announced Thursday that the 1,000-bed TCF Center field hospital downtown for COVID-19 patients was shutting down.

The center treated 39 patients from the time it opened on April 10, state TCF spokeswoman Michelle Grinnell has said.

The site is considered to be in a "paused" status, with beds on reserve there in case the need arises. 

"While this progress is encouraging we still strongly urge Detroiters to continue their great efforts to socially distance, wear masks and take basic sanitary precautions," Fair added. "Together, we can beat COVID-19." 

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