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Detroit rapper rages against execution-style slaying of 6-year-old in Warren

Jasmin Barmore
The Detroit News

A local rapper issued an expletive-filled message this week after the execution-style slaying of a 6-year old boy Thursday in Warren, vowing to pay a $6,000 reward to whoever hands over a name that leads to a conviction.

Trick Trick

Trick Trick, a Detroit-born rapper and producer whose real name is Christian Anthony Mathis, called out those responsible and warned "CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS!!!" on Instagram.

"Someone knows who did it and whoever knows, needs to turn that information over," Trick Trick told The Detroit News on Tuesday. "Somebody know who the (expletive) the people is that pulled that (expletive) out. Right?

"That's all the (expletive) information we need. Either the street needs it or the police needs it. They can direct message me with it and their name will stay confidential."

Tai'Raz Moore, 6, and Isis Rimson, 28, his father's girlfriend, were found slain in the basement of a Warren home on Thursday.  Tai'Raz's father, Tukoyo Moore, 32, was found dead the same day, miles away in Detroit in a burned out vehicle. Police have linked the three deaths. 

Last week:'We want the death penalty': Feds evaluating whether to prosecute Warren homicides

The slayings have triggered outrage in both communities and spurred both to act: a joint task force with police from Warren and Detroit is investigating. Warren is also offering a $3,000 reward. A GoFundMe for Tai'Raz's funeral has raised more than $30,000. And on Friday, Mary Sheffield, Detroit City Council pro tem, is teaming up with clergy for a vigil Friday in Detroit in honor of the victims.

The murders drew condemnation from both cities' top law enforcers. Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer called for the death penalty, though Michigan doesn't provide capital sentences. He called for the federal government, which does have the death penalty, to prosecute the case. The feds said they would consider it.

“When you murder a 6-year-old child, the person or persons responsible deserve the death penalty," he said last week.

Detroit police Chief James Craig called the slayings "a cowardly act" and vowed to track down the killers.

"We will find you," he said.

Brittany Henry said she is haunted by how her only son died and describes the aftermath — the tears, the funeral planning, the loss — as "a Twilight Zone." 

"I would have found comfort if I would have died with my baby," she said. "I keep replaying how my baby died in my head and I keep thinking, 'What was he thinking. Was he scared? Was he looking for me or his dad at that moment?' 

"... Because when you are a kid, you think your parents are super and can do anything. I had to identify my son's body yesterday and I have this paper for funeral arrangements, and right now, I'm just trying to write his obituary. And it's like, how do you do this? This is not natural for a parent to bury a child."

The Go Fund Me account will be used for Tai'Raz's burial expenses and a child-friendly memorial the family is having at Chene Parkon Oct. 16, for children in the community, Henry said. 

"We will have cotton candy, face paintings and people can speak about Tai'Raz," she said. "It's just something we are doing for the kids because Tai'Raz has three sisters and they are young. And you have to think, these kids are watching kids get killed." 

Sheffield said the vigil Friday at Erma Henderson Park on 8800 E. Jefferson in Detroit is a call to action. 

"The recent rash of violence tearing through the Detroit area must stop," Sheffield said. "The killings, several of which have included children, have shattered families and entire communities. Detroit has once again been named America's most violent city. We must come together and put an end to this."

Dwyer called the investigation a top priority for the Warren Police Department.

"No arrests have been made, but we're making progress and I can confirm that the murder is drug-related," said Dwyer. "The case is a No. 1 priority for us." 

He pleaded at a press conference last week for anyone who knows who committed the crimes to come forward anonymously.

For Trick Trick, who raged against those responsible "for killing that baby ...," adding in his Instagram post about the reward that there was "more money coming in." 

"If we don't find who did this, and do something about it now, they gone do it again," he said. "And next, they gone be rapping about killing somebody's baby and making it sound cool."