Fox 2's Maurielle Lue hopes to be home 'soon' after COVID-19 hospitalization

The Detroit News

Detroit — Maurielle Lue, a newscaster with WJBK-TV, remains hospitalized with COVID-19, but may be on her way home soon, according to an Instagram post Friday.

"I am doing much better," Lue, 36, the Fox 2 anchor, said near the start of the 24-minute video.

"I should be coming home soon," she says about four minutes in.

She said she didn't know anymore how long she had been hospitalized, but guessed it was about a week.

Fox 2 anchor Maurielle Lue

"COVID'll get you," Lue said.

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Tears welling up, Lue said: "I'm trying not to get emotional. This has been very difficult."

Lue called the sickness "one of the hardest things I have ever gone through."

"I'm learning about myself and my own strength," Lue said.

Friends and colleagues have sent teddy bears, cards and balloons, Lue said, showing off a blue bear sent by Fox 2 colleague Ryan Ermani.

Lue said she believes this is her second time with the illness.

"I'm very weak," Lue said. Her plan for Friday night was to eat dinner and watch a Godzilla movie.

She coughs several times during the six-minute mark, but finds her energy to plug two flavors of Ensure nutrition shakes she didn't know existed, apple, and mixed berry, and jokes she'll mix them with wine, when she can. 

"The hospital staff have been my counselors and my friends," Lue said.

Lue arrived at the hospital Sunday, she said. That's the day after she turned 35.

"It's a lonely process," Lue said. "This is real. This has been tough. God's got me."

Lue said she is a "very spiritual person" and thanked people for their prayers, and said she felt them.

"I love the Lord. I believe him. And I would not be here without him," Lue said. "This was absolutely a fight."

At the 12-minute mark, Lue says "I have a problem," and adds: "People didn't like me growing up."

"That wasn't true. That's just a lie the devil tells you, depending on the calling you have on your life, and who you are," Lue said. "That has been something I privately struggle with. People aren't always nice. That's something I have to work on for me."

"I've never felt more loved," Lue said. "It doesn't matter who likes me and who doesn't. Enough people do."

As of Saturday afternoon, the video amassed more than 20,000 views.

Lue said "there's a lot of hate out there" that's targeted her way. Lue believes that's because she uses her TV platform to talk about the "Black experience."

"I've been fighting, and now I feel like I don't have to fight everybody, about everything, all the time," Lue said. 

Throughout life, Lue said "people have left me when my struggle gets too hard for them," but that hasn't happened this time.

Lue said she doesn't know how she got the virus. She went out recently "with a group of new friends," but none of them got sick, she said. She'd also been to her car dealership to turn her lease in. That was on Friday.

"Saturday, I was down," Lue said.