Man to be released after 48 years in prison in rare deal with Wayne County prosecutor

Ed White
Associated Press

Detroit – A man who has vigorously contested his murder conviction after 48 years in prison is likely to be released under a deal disclosed Monday by the Wayne County prosecutor’s office.

Ray Gray, 69, has been serving a life sentence with no chance for parole. Prosecutors anticipate that he will appear in court by video Tuesday and plead no contest to second-degree murder.

Raymond Gray

Gray would get credit for time served and immediately be released, the prosecutor’s office said.

Gray is not admitting guilt but will not contest the charge.

In 1973, he was convicted of first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a drug dealer in Detroit. Gray went from arrest to a life sentence in just three months; the trial lasted less than three days.

In March, Gray filed a request for a new trial. He has repeatedly declared his innocence and has an affidavit from a witness who would identify others as the culprits.

“This is not an exoneration. However, this case does present many questions that cannot be answered,” said prosecutor Kym Worthy, who noted the passage of time and other issues.

Attorney Gabi Silver, said there is “credible evidence” to clear Gray, but she also acknowledged that another witness still insists he was the gunman.

“She has remained steadfast,” Silver said.

“He’s doing this because he wants to come home,” Silver said of the no-contest plea. “While it’s not the resolution we wanted, we are very grateful he will have an opportunity to come home and have a life.”