Detroit woman charged with embezzling from relatives in nursing homes

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

A Detroit woman is facing embezzlement charges after allegedly stealing more than $25,000 from relatives living in nursing homes, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said Monday. 

Investigators allege Kim Carter was guardian for her mother, who lived at Alpha Manor Nursing Home in Detroit, and used that position to spend more than $17,000 from the older woman's bank accounts on items not related to assisted living or full-time care.

The 41-year-old also was a Social Security representative payee for her brother, who lived in another city nursing home, state officials said.

Authorities allege Carter used her guardian position to access his bank accounts and spend more than $6,000 on items not related to him or ongoing care, according to the release.

“Taking on the role of guardian for a family member is most often a noble and compassionate undertaking — but it comes with legal obligations,” Nessel said. “Getting legal access as guardian to the finances of a family member doesn’t make that account your personal slush fund. We stand ready to take action against anyone who tries to take advantage of those no longer in control of their own finances.” 

Carter was charged Thursday through Detroit's 36th District Court. An arraignment and probable cause conference were expected on two counts of embezzlement from a vulnerable adult over $1,000 and under $20,000, felonies punishable by five years and/or $10,000 each, Nessel's office said.