Michigan State Police probe M-10 vehicle shooting in Detroit

The Detroit News

A driver and passenger on the Lodge Freeway in Detroit told police their car was shot at in the southbound lanes early Saturday.

The pair reported they were in the left lane at about 12:30 a.m. when a white car in the right lane "began road raging" with two cars in the center lane, Michigan State Police in Detroit tweeted.

The driver told police they heard two gunshots fired from the white car, MSP said. She said she believed she had been driving between Linwood and Wyoming when the car was hit.

Police found a shot struck the passenger side door under the door handle.

A freeway search was conducted but no suspects were located, MSP said.

"Remember, if you are involved in any criminal incident, make yourself safe and call 911," MSP said. "The more time (that) goes by between the incident and the start of the investigation, the harder it is to find those responsible."