Video: Watch MSP chase vehicle drag racing in Detroit

Kalea Hall
The Detroit News

Recently released aerial video shows Michigan State Police helping stop drag racing on the city's east side after a driver slipped onto a freeway and ran out of gas, police said.

Police spotted a Dodge Challenger doing donuts, swerving the vehicle in circles, in the center of the intersection at Grand Boulevard and Palmer Street. 

"I got a Challenger, he's doing real good donuts in the intersection right now ... we got real good video of him as well," a dispatcher tells police on the video.

The vehicle's driver eludes officers and enters Interstate 96, where it runs out of gas. 

The video shows white figures, which are the driver and passengers, running up an embankment by the freeway and hiding. A chase ensues with the dispatcher using the video surveillance to tell police how close they were to the suspects.

"Dude, he's over the fence, continue right, continue right, he's 100 feet, he's 50 feet, he's 30 feet on the right-hand side in the bushes, right now, right now on your right!" the dispatcher tells officers in the chase.

Police captured two of the three occupants of the Challenger, according to the video. 

An investigation into the incident is pending.