Detroit courthouse opening its doors for staff COVID vaccinations

The 36th District courthouse in Detroit is opening its doors to court staff and their family members for COVID vaccinations, the court's chief judge announced Tuesday.

The court is partnering with the Detroit Health Department to offer COVID-19 vaccinations and educational materials Friday.

6th District Court Chief Judge William McConico said the courthouse is opening its doors to court staff and their family members for COVID-19 vaccinations.

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The Pfizer vaccine will be administered to any interested staff member and their accompanying family members aged 12 and older, said court officials. The second dose is also scheduled to be given at the court on Friday, Aug. 20.

 Chief 36th District Court Judge William McConico said Tuesday “Vaccinations are proven to reduce both the severity and spread of COVID-19. They are our best line of defense, and our direct route to emerging from this pandemic."

McConico added "I have made it my highest priority to ensure that all employed by the Court have been able to receive these life-saving shots at every opportunity. Adding the convenience of a walk-in clinic at the workplace, as well as expanding access for family members, is the next step in our mission to fully vaccinate and protect our entire Court family.”

McConico notes that  masks are still required to be worn throughout the Court building, and health screenings are conducted prior to entry into the courthouse on Madison Street in downtown Detroit.

"The 36th District Court remains committed to protecting the health and safety of its staff, its bench, and the public it serves," he said.