Detroit police reviewing video of cop punching man in face in Greektown

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Detroit — After a video was published Sunday depicting a police officer punching a man in the face in Greektown, Detroit police are reviewing the footage and Internal Affairs is investigating.

The video posted Sunday on Reddit, titled "Detroit pigs handing out the brain damage," appears to show a Detroit Police Department special response team officer winding up and punching a man in the face, who then appears dazed as he tries to sit up. 

It's not immediately known when the video took place.

The officer who swings approached the man alongside four other officers. 

"Y'all ain't have to do that, dog!" yelled a man off-camera, as a cellphone recorded the 45-second clip.

The officer props the man so that he's sitting up but the man tips back before catching himself as the officer walks away. The man then appears alert and talking. The crowd off-camera starts calling the officer names as mounted and uniformed officers can be seen keeping onlookers away from the scene.

Then the officer walks away. He makes no arrest. Two people pick up the Greektown man, and the clip ends.

Detroit police said they learned of the video via social media. In a statement, police said that Internal Affairs is reviewing the matter and will give updates "as soon as practicable."

In June, Detroit police were breaking up a fight in Greektown when the participants started assaulting officers. People were filmed jumping on the backs of police officers. 

Last month, a man was knocked out on camera in Greektown.