Gas station shut down by Detroit authorities after worker accused of shooting customer

Hani Barghouthi
The Detroit News

Detroit — Authorities said an unlicensed gas station was closed after a worker was accused of shooting a customer following an argument Saturday, police said.

The 22-year-old victim is "likely to make a full recovery," said interim police Chief James White during a press conference Monday at Sunoco, the gas station located on the 15400 block of Plymouth Road. 

Interim Police Chief James White stands in front of boarded-up gas station at a press conference on Monday afternoon to discuss shooting of a customer and closing down of the business.

Police arrested the suspect, and the firearm used was recovered.  An investigation into the shooting is ongoing into the incident, said White, describing the weapon as a "long gun."

"This was off the charts," said White when asked about previous incidents at the gas station. "We expect to come and (find that) somebody stole a candy bar, somebody had a fight in the parking lot, somebody locked the keys in their car. We don't expect to find a patron from the community shot at business in our city."

Once the arrest was made, police discovered that the gas station was operating without a license, and brought in the Building, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department to board up the building.

City employee puts up an order to stop operations of a boarded-up Sunoco gas station in Plymouth-Hubbell on Monday afternoon after authorities discovered it was operating without a license.

Police are expect to present the case to the Prosecutor's Office within 24 hours seeking charges. 

Last year, a clerk at an eastside Detroit gas station was accused of fatally shooting Joshua Lewis, 30 through plexiglass inside the station. Mohamed Hizam, 19, was ordered to stand trial in March on charges of second-degree murder, manslaughter and felony firearm. 

White also spoke about the video with a police officer punching a man in the face in Greektown that surfaced over the weekend, expressing concern over the actions of the officer.

"We've come to expect our officers to de-escalate situations. I did not see de-escalation there," he said, acknowledging the incident "appears to be an unprovoked use of force." 

An investigation is ongoing, and White did not provide details about findings. As of Monday afternoon, no arrests were made nor was the officer in question suspended.