Pay hikes, holiday bonuses in 2-year contract between DPSCD, teachers

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Detroit Public Schools Community District and the union representing its teachers have reached a two-year contract agreement, the district announced Thursday.

The new deal contains new cash for some 4,343 educators in Michigan's largest public school district. Detroit's board of education still needs to approve the contract.

According to the district, veteran top step teachers will receive a 4% base wage increase each year. Teachers and ancillary staff below the top step, will advance one step on the salary schedule each year. 

In addition to salary hikes based on length of service to the district, all covered employees will receive $2,000 holiday bonuses for both years of the deal, including long-term substitute teachers. Day-to-day substitute teachers will receive $1,000 holiday bonuses.

Special education teachers will receive a $15,000 bonus. All counselors in the district will now earn a minimum of $51,000, equal to the base salary for teachers.

Dr. Nikolai Vitti, the Detroit Public Schools Community District's superintendent. A new, two-year contract will provide bonuses to teachers.

"Each contract agreement narrows the salary gap between our teachers and others throughout the state and area," Dr. Nikolai Vitti, the district's superintendent, said in a statement. "As we open the school year, we will have hired 100 extra teachers to reduce class size and build a bench for future teacher retirements."

Vitti said Detroit wants its teachers to be the highest-paid in Michigan someday. The school board agrees.

"When we started as a board in 2017, we knew that our teachers’ salaries needed to increase," said Angelique Peterson-Mayberry, president of Detroit's board of education. "We remain committed to our relentless journey to ensure that our teachers are the highest paid in the state one day.” 

Detroit Public Schools Community District has about 51,000 students.