Detroit putting the brakes on more drivers with speed humps

Associated Press

Detroit – The Motor City wants drivers to slow down.

Detroit said it is adding 700 speed humps in neighborhoods by mid-November, on top of 4,500 announced earlier this year.

Speed humps in streets force drivers to ease up on the gas. It’s a quality-of-life issue for residents fed up with reckless motorists.

“The speed hump program has been one of the most popular city programs we’ve ever announced and they really seem to be helping,” Mayor Mike Duggan said in a written statement.

“We saw the opportunity to reach more neighborhood blocks with available funding so we want to get them in before the end of this year, rather than wait until spring,” he said.

Speed bumps were installed on Sussex and Curtis Street near Peterson Playfield on the city's northwest side.

Speed humps go into neighborhoods where the speed limit is 25 mph. Streets near schools and parks are a priority, and so are neighborhoods where there’s support from residents.

The city said there have been 17,000 requests.

Residents can find out what blocks were selects by visiting the city website at

Requests and petitions to opt out of a speed hump may also be submitted through the city website.