Erb Foundation donates $2M in grants to Detroit arts, culture, environmental causes

Noelle Gray
The Detroit News

Detroit — The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation says it has donated more than $2 million in new and ongoing grants in September to more than 60 arts, culture and ecology programs in Detroit.

Some organizations, like the Carr Center which specializes in preserving African and African American cultural arts traditions, received matching funds to expand programs and organizational infrastructure. 

The remaining $1.6 million in grants was dispersed across the foundation’s other focus areas. 

Fred and Barbara Erb.

Great Lakes Organizations like the Friends of the Detroit River received $330,000 to create a new program that cultivates more stewards of the river. 

The Council of State Governments also received $50,000 to engage state and provincial legislators in developing policies and recommendations to reduce phosphorus pollution.

The foundation also provided grants to organizations that focus on environmental health and justice focus areas will help reduce elevated blood lead levels in Detroit and Wayne County children and incidents of asthma.

The Michigan Environmental Council received $80,000 to create, launch and support a bus anti-idling program to improve ambient air quality.

In total, $3.6 million were donated to causes around the country during this grant cycle by the foundation which focuses on arts and culture, the environment and Azlheimer's research. 

The complete list of grants and awards can be viewed at