Man barricaded on Detroit's west dies of 'self-inflicted' gunshot, police say

Detroit — A barricaded situation on the city's west side has ended with the suspect's death, police said Friday. 

Officers who entered the home where the gunman had been and found him with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the police department reported on Twitter. The man was later pronounced dead.

The man had been a suspect in a homicide case, police said.

"Out of respect for the homicide victim's family, we will provide additional details on the investigation at a later time," the department tweeted.

Police earlier reported surveillance units had been seeking the suspect around noon near Ewald Circle and Oakman.

A scout car tried to stop the man who fled to a nearby gas station and told a customer he needed help, DPD said. 

"That citizen took the suspect to his home, allowed him to use his phone, at which time the suspect let the citizen know that he was actually wanted by police," investigators tweeted. "The citizen then fled the home."

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