Umbrella Movement seeks to make a difference in Detroit just in time for Thanksgiving

Hernz Laguerre, Jr.
The Detroit News

Many families are gathering during the holidays to enjoy each other's company, celebrate traditions and feast over a classic meal, especially on Thanksgiving. However many families are struggling to make ends meet, which makes providing a Thanksgiving meal more of a financial burden.

The Umbrella Movement in Detroit is working to alleviate that burden for at least 500 families in Detroit. The organization's mission is to help Detroit's underserved population. The organization was founded in 2014 by Donte Ming, who wanted to serve the community through youth advocacy, food programs and personal development.

The Umbrella Movement Turkey Drive 2020.

"We've been doing the Turkey Drive since 2015. ... We were able to push out roughly about 700 turkeys," said Marc Johnson, one of Movement's directors. According to the USDA, frozen turkeys may be a bit harder to come by. Records show that frozen turkey inventories are 24% below the three-year average. 

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Despite the turkey shortage, Johnson  said Umbrella Movement will still work to feed as many families as possible.

"The goal of The Turkey Drive is to do more than we did last year. Unfortunately... because of the limit of turkeys we probably won't be able to beat that number that we did last year," said Ming. "But we're looking to push out four- ... maybe 500 turkeys this year."

The turkey drive is completely supported through donations from local businesses and community sponsors. It's something that means a lot to Johnson and the rest of the Umbrella Movement members.

"When you're able to reach deep down into your pockets for somebody else or exert that time for other causes I think it's a dope movement," he said.

Johnson said he relates to people's struggles and is excited about the work the Umbrella Movement is doing for the underserved.

"As being from the inner city, as being from Detroit, as being one of those kids who didn't always get Christmas gifts, I feel passionate about giving back to our community," he said.

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The Turkey Drive is set for noon Sunday at the Everything Turkey restaurant,    12548 Livernois, Detroit. For more information, visit