Tools to track snow removal: Watch a plow work

The Detroit News

Add online maps with snowplow locations on Metro Detroit's roads to the shovels, snow throwers and rock salt on the list of tools for this week's snowstorm.

The Michigan Department of Transportation's MiDrive Map lets users not only see where its snowplows are on highways across the state, but also provides information on traffic speeds, construction and crashes. In addition, the map allows users to access MDOT's cameras on freeways. 

The plows also have names, sometimes colorful ones: The Great and Plowerful Oz, for example, is working to clear roads south of Grand Rapids on Wednesday morning.

MDOT's MI Drive online map tracks state snowplows that are equipped with cameras.

A look at priority levels for the state on snow removal is available in an interactive map.

Wayne County's Public Services Department also offers a way to track snowplows with its Wayne County Compass website along with traffic problems, road work and other issues. 

Cities often declare emergencies ahead of and during storms to keep people from parking in certain areas to ensure safe plowing. The long list of Michigan communities warning drivers to park away from the streets included East Lansing, Auburn Hills, Canton Township, Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Roseville and Sterling Heights.

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