3 found shot to death, including child, in Detroit home, police chief says

Hayley Harding
The Detroit News

A child and two adults were found shot to death in a home on the city's west side, Detroit's police chief said Sunday.

A man and woman, both believed to be in their late 20s or early 30s, were found dead in one part of the home, Chief James White said in a briefing near the scene.  

The child, struck multiple times, was found in a bedroom, White said. The woman appeared to be the child's mother; the child was believed to be between 4 and 7 years old.

Detroit police Chief James White speaks to reporters about a triple fatal shooting near Evergreen Road and Fenkell Street in Detroit on Sunday.

The home was near Evergreen Road and Fenkell Street on the city's west side, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

A family member who hadn't heard from the victims in more than a week went to the house Sunday and found the back door open and possibly kicked in, White said. The bodies of the adults were discovered when the relative went inside. 

After police responded to a 911 call, they found the child shot to death in the bedroom, White said. The scene "(did) not appear to be a fresh scene," he said, but the department had not yet determined a timeline.

It was not clear if a robbery had occurred, he said.

He added that officers were looking at cameras in the area and asked anyone who may know anything to come forward.

"Every resource we have, as you look around, is going to be dedicated to getting the perpetrator off the street who murdered this baby and the two people in this home," he said.

The victims were discovered within days of other shootings that had also injured childrenin the city.

White again spoke out about caring for children, saying it was something that cannot be legislated.

"People have to care. You can't legislate caring," he said.

He pointed out "adult decisions, adult conflicts that spill over" are affecting children.

"This isn't responsible gun ownership," he said. "This is someone who violently took a baby's life."


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