42 Dugg led feds on multi-state manhunt. Here's how they caught him

The Detroit News

Rapper 42 Dugg, real name Dion Hayes, led police on a multi-state manhunt until he was nabbed by federal agents coming off a flight with no number that had a passenger list without his name.

In between, he hid out in Detroit, declared himself a sovereign, dutifully kept up his social media accounts and attended an NBA playoff game this week.

He did all that to avoid a federal prison sentence, for which he was to report on April 12, federal prosecutors say.

But there here's how the feds finally caught up with him:

The inside story:How feds finally caught up with 42 Dugg

Dion Hayes, aka 42 Dugg

Hayes, 27, failed to report to the West Virginia federal prison camp on April 12 to serve a sentence for illegally possessing a firearm. He now faces an absconding charge punishable by up to five years in prison -- and maybe more.

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