Detroit police investigating bachelor party shooting that injured four

Kayla Ruble
The Detroit News

Four Detroit residents celebrating at a bachelor party were shot early Saturday at a home on the northwest side of the city.

The drive-by shooting occurred just after midnight in the 13500 block of Cloverlawn at an Airbnb rental house just off the Interstate 96 and Davison Freeway interchange, according to Detroit police.

One of the victims remains in critical condition while the other three victims are in stable condition, police said. 

At a press conference outside the 10th Precinct on Saturday afternoon, Commander Tiffany Stewart said police had not determined a motive behind the shooting and little was known about the potential suspects, who fled the scene after opening fire. 

Stewart called the shooting a tragedy. “We’re going to do all we can,” she told reporters. 

When the shooting occurred, about 10 people were inside the house where the bachelor party was taking place and others were on the porch. The victims, who were all men in their 30s and 40s, were both inside and outside of the house when they were shot.

Stewart said police are not sure how many people perpetrated the shooting, but it was carried out with an assault rifle fired from a small SUV.

The gun was not found at the scene, but investigators did recover the shellings.

Detroit police are searching for video evidence and are also asking the community to contact the police department or Crime Stoppers with any tips. 

The Saturday shooting comes days after federal and local law enforcement announced a new initiative aimed at cracking down on gun crimes in targeted neighborhoods, including parts of the northwest side.

As a part of the initiative, law enforcement said it would use data to zero in on areas with the most violent crime.

According to the latest data available from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Detroit saw violent crime jump 10.25% in 2020, following trends of increased violent crime reported in many big cities throughout the country that year. 

The city did see a drop in some violent crimes last year. The Detroit Police Department reported a 9% drop in the number of homicides in 2021. According to their statistics, there was also a 4% decrease in nonfatal shootings last year, but other violent offenses like rape spiked.