Wayne State University increases tuition by 4.5%

Kim Kozlowski
The Detroit News

Wayne State University students will pay 4.5% more in tuition and about 4% more in room and board during the next academic year, following approval 7-1 Friday by the Board of Governors.

The tuition hike means that full-time resident undergraduate students will pay $14,675 in tuition and fees, up from $14,043 in 2021-22. 

Room and board will go up to $11,420 for a typical first-year plan.

Students outside of the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan on September 24, 2021.

Costs for full-time students living on campus next year will total about $26,000.

Governor Dana Thompson casting the sole vote against increasing tuition and housing.

 "It is not a sustainable trajectory to increase tuition on our students," Thompson said, adding that increased costs diminish WSU as a place of social mobility.

Governor Mark Gaffney, chair of the board, said that it's never easy to increase tuition. But the university is working to balance its budget and also try to make sure that "students can still afford to come here."

Gaffney added that more than half of Wayne State students will not see a tuition increase because they are receiving Pell Grants and university financial aid. Tuition increases in previous years were modest and there was no increase in 2020.

"We never like to make these kind of tough decisions," Gaffney said. "We are pleased we have a scholarship program to help."