Teen shot and killed in southwest Detroit; suspects held

The Detroit News

A teen was shot and killed in Detroit on Tuesday evening, in another round of "senseless violence" besieging cities in the U.S., the police chief said.

The suspects were in custody, police said, as investigators from the 4th Precinct combed the scene near Homer and Mullane streets in southwest Detroit.

"... We get here on shots fired, we find our victim, who was 14 or 15 — we're still trying to get clarity on that," Detroit police Chief James White said.

The victim, who was not identified, died at a hospital, he said.

"Sadly, we've got a young person once again in the city who has been shot senselessly on the streets in the middle of summer," White said. "So, no words, obviously, for the family ...

"Everyone's got a gun and everybody wants to use it," White said. "And now we've got another dead child. ...We're running down exactly what happened."

At last two of the shooters were teenagers who shot multiple times. One bullet fatally struck the victim, White said.

"There are no comforting words you can keep making when people are committing senseless violence in our community. We do great work getting them off the street, but we don't want to have to get them off the street. We want them to stop ...," White said.