Ammonia leak at U.S. Ice Corp. in Detroit contained

Hannah Mackay
The Detroit News

Detroit — An ammonia leak at the U.S. Ice Corp. facility in Detroit was sealed around 10:30 p.m., fire officials said

No injuries were reported.

The leak was discovered around 9:30 p.m. and originated inside the U.S. Ice Corp.'s building, said Chief James Harris. The cause of the leak remained unknown and was under investigation. 

"The situation has been mitigated. Detroit hazardous materials team did an awesome job. They sealed the leak," Harris said. "They made sure no civilians were injured, and no firefighters were injured."

U.S. Ice Corp. makes and delivers bagged and dry ice for commercial use. A representative from company did not immediately respond to a phone call for a request for comment Tuesday night.

Liquid ammonia is a refrigerant in the ice-making process, helping absorb heat until water freezes. The chemical has a pungent odor, which allows for leaks to be easily detected.

Ammonia can irritate and burn the mouth, skin, eyes and throat, and high-level exposures can impair breathing and cause death, according to the CDC