Roseville Walmart hosts fundraiser for abandoned dog

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

A fundraiser is planned Saturday at a Roseville Walmart store where a dog recently was abandoned and found with a portion of her paw missing.

The public is invited to event, scheduled for 1-7 p.m. at the store, 28804 Gratiot. Walmart expects to match donations raised to help Courtney, a 2-year-old terrier beagle mix store associates found chained up Jan. 18 behind the store. She was found with a cable snagged around her body and without part of her back paw.

Melanie Wittner, founder and director of Roseville’s Hopeful Heart Rescue, has said she suspects the cable grew tighter the more Courtney became entangled in it. Wittner said it appears the dog chewed off her left back paw to get free before she was dumped behind Walmart.

“Walmart is assisting Roseville’s Hopeful Heart Rescue and 4 Paws 1 Heart to defray medical costs for Courtney, who has needed several surgeries including getting her leg amputated,” according to a news release about the fundraiser.

“It is estimated that a week before she was chained outside behind Walmart, she had chewed off her own foot, most likely to escape being chained outside at another undetermined location. Courtney is currently in foster care while healing.”

Hopeful Heart, which tends to animals that have been injured, abused or are aging, is collecting donations Saturday and showing off dogs needing homes.

Meanwhile, Roseville police have released a video that appears to show two men chaining up Courtney and leaving her. The footage was filmed around 7 a.m. Jan. 18. The men, who police believe to be in their 20s, pull up in a dark-colored Chrysler 200 then take the animal from the backseat and tie her up behind the store.

Wittner has said the dog’s “very friendly” demeanor with the pair suggests she was a pet.

Another animal rescue group, Guardians for Animals, on Monday announced a $1,000 reward to find those responsible for the abandonment.

Roseville police are continuing to investigate.