An Eastpointe woman charged with murder after her newborn baby’s body was discovered at a recycling center is “very remorseful” about the boy’s death, her attorney said Friday.

Angela Alexie, jailed on $1 million bond, has given permission to authorities to bury the child, attorney Steve Kaplan said.

She is charged with child abuse and murder committed during a felony. It’s the equivalent of first-degree murder and carries a sentence of life in prison without parole.

Police say Alexie, 24, gave birth in a garage in Eastpointe on Dec. 22 and left the baby. It died two days later, likely from exposure to cold weather. The body was found at a recycling center in nearby Roseville on Jan. 14.

“She’s depressed and sad and very remorseful over her baby’s death,” Kaplan told The Associated Press, a day after he was assigned to represent Alexie.

He said he’ll challenge the first-degree child abuse charge. Kaplan, a former prosecutor, also believes the murder charge is too high.

“The evidence revealed by authorities doesn’t rise to the level of murder,” he said.

A hearing to discuss the pace of the case is scheduled for Wednesday. A hearing to determine if there’s enough evidence to go to trial is planned for Feb. 18. Kaplan said he doesn’t expect to ask for a delay.

Alexie had three other children, ages 1 to 4, but doesn’t have custody of them.


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