Bruce Township — The Macomb County Department of Roads has closed the 33 Mile Bridge over the Farley Drain because of a 3 foot in diameter hole in the bridge deck.

The bridge is between Powell and McFadden, according to Leo Ciavatta, director of roads.

"We received a call from the Michigan State Police about the hole at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday," he said. "We immediately closed the road. We believe that part of the bridge deck gave way, possibly because of increased traffic due to the shutdown of the 32 Mile Road Bridge."

According to the department of roads, the span is a two- or three-ton bridge that crosses a small creek that is part of the Clinton River.

In late March, the road commission closed the 32 Mile Bridge over the north branch of the river after an inspection showed it was no longer safe for motorists.

"There is a single pier in the center of the bridge that supports two spans, one of which had settled over an inch compared to the other span," Walt Schell, deputy county highway engineer, said in an earlier interview. Underneath, inspectors saw corrosion of the steel beams that was far in excess of what we had seen previously."

The 32 Mile Bridge, which is used by up to 15,000 vehicles a day, could remain closed for up to two years if the county is unable to come up with $2 million to replace the span.

The original bridge was built in the 1920s and was rebuilt in 1960.

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