Details emerge of attack that left mom, daughter dead

Ursula Watson
The Detroit News

Eastpointe — Sharon Rakowski didn't know Feb. 11 would be the last time she would see her daughter.

During a preliminary hearing at 38th District Court on Thursday Rakowski said her only child's last words to her were, "Bye. I love you."

Monique Rakowski, 29, and her 13-month-old daughter Carmon were stabbed to death Feb. 12 in Eastpointe, police say. Her boyfriend, Curtis Lee Hampton Jr., is charged with the killings.

Dr. Daniel Spitz, chief medical examiner for Macomb County, testified Carmon's death was caused by a single stab wound to the chest which perforated her heart and lung. Spitz said she suffered internal hemorrhaging.

Rakowski sustained 14 stab wounds, said Dr. Mary Pietrangelo of the Medical Examiner's Office.

At the end of the hearing, Hampton was bound over to Macomb County Circuit Court. His next court date is May 11.

During the hearing, Hampton was charged with premeditated first degree murder, first degree felony murder and attempted criminal sexual conduct for the death of Rakowski. He was also charged with felony murder and first degree child abuse in Carmon's death.

The 30-year-old was originally charged with two counts of first-degree murder, but Macomb County Chief Trial Attorney Therese Tobin asked that he instead face the five counts. After more than three hours of testimony from six witnesses, Judge Carl Gerds III allowed the added charges.

"There was certainly an altercation ... and the defendant admits he was involved in that altercation," Gerds said.

Toxicology reports found Rakowski was legally intoxicated the night she was murdered. Marijuana and prescribed amphetamine and a muscle relaxer were also found in her system.

The bodies of the mother and daughter were discovered on the floor of the bathroom of the home on Normandy by Rakowski's father, Michael Rakowski, who then called police.

"It looked staged," Michael Rakowski said of the crime scene who was also called as a witness Thursday.

A brown bath towel covered Rakowski's face. Underneath the towel Rakowski said his daughter had nickles placed over her eyes.

Her sweatpants he said were pulled down around her ankles, her underwear torn and she wore no shoes. A folding knife with a chrome-looking blade and a blue handle was nearby. His granddaughter, he said, had a pacifier in her mouth.

Pietrangelo, who was at the crime scene, said Rakowski was found on her back. On her chest was a pillow where Carmon was lying face up.

Police say the murders happened between 9 p.m. and midnight Feb. 12.

During his more than three-hour video interview with Detective Joseph Madonia of the Eastpointe Police Department, Hampton said he lived at the Eastpointe home, was dating Rakowski and was Carmon's father.

It was also revealed during Thursday's preliminary hearing Rakowski went to Oklahoma in December and married a former boyfriend. The marriage was problematic.

She came back to see her family in January and during the visit Carmon became very ill with an infection that landed her in the hospital requiring surgery.

Her father described the "on-again-off-again" two-year relationship with Hampton as "tumultuous."

Madonia said Hampton told him he had outstanding warrants for his arrest, a probation violation and was afraid he would soon wind up back in jail.

Hampton said on the night of the murders he was at the Eastpointe home and discussed these issues with Rakowski, who became angry. He said both had been drinking.

"He said Monique was upset that he was going back to jail and would leave her alone," Madonia said.

Hampton said he tried to have sex with Rakowski one last time. Hampton said he told police he tried to cuddle with Rakowski, but she rebuffed his advances.

Things got heated and Hampton told police Rakowski came at him with a knife, stabbing him in the chest. When Rakowski allegedly tried to stab him again, she ended up stabbing Carmon.

Dressed in dark blue prison garb, a clean-shaven Hampton sat handcuffed, ankles shackled, eyes downcast at a table with his lawyer, Timothy Barkovic.

Madonia said Hampton told police the altercation spilled into the hallway and then into the bathroom. Hampton then got two knives and stabbed Rakowski with both, he told Madonia.

Before Rakowski died, Hampton said he talked to her and tried to resuscitate Carmon. He never called 911, Madonia said, but instead wiped down the knives.

Madonia said Hampton told him he left the house and went to a gas station two blocks away for cigars.

He said Hampton then asked to change a portion of his story.

"He previously said he went to the gas station with a knife still in is chest, he said it wasn't true," Madonia said. "He said he had taken it out prior to going to the gas station."

Hampton instead said he placed the knife back into his chest when he returned to the Eastpointe house, Madonia said.

He remained at the house for several hours and then left.

Gerds said he found Hampton's account of Feb. 12 far-fetched.

Hampton appeared at the Dearborn Police Station at about 11 a.m. Feb. 13 with his brother. Hampton was treated at Oakwood Hospital for an hour, discharged and then transferred to Eastpointe police custody.

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