Center Line’s Wolfe Middle School closed after threat

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

Center Line’s Wolfe Middle School will be closed again Tuesday after an alleged threat posted online, district officials said.

“The district is still waiting for information from the social media site that could lead to identification of the author,” read a notice posted on the Center Line Public Schools website. “In the meantime, both Center Line and Warren Police have interviewed many students and parents and will continue to do so on Tuesday.”

The missed day was expected to be added at the end of the school year to satisfy hour requirements, the district said. The school is on McKinley.

In a letter posted Monday on the district website, Superintendent Eve Kaltz said officials were being cautious with the details released due to the nature of the investigation. Still, she wrote, “the best leads can sometimes come from people who suspect they know something, no matter how small the individual may feel it is.”

Contact Center Line police with information: (586) 757-2203.