Stray pig avoids a trip to the pokey in Shelby Twp.

Candice Williams
The Detroit News

Shelby Township — A township woman was tending to her yard Thursday evening when she had a visit from an unlikely neighbor — a stray pig.

The woman called police, who came and took the pig into custody, but it didn't end up in the pokey. It was a first for Deputy Chief Mark Coil, who has been in law enforcement 25 years.

"Just when you think you've seen it all ... ," he said. "I've seen pigs at large, dogs at large, monkeys at large, parakeets at large, horses at large. For some odd reason Shelby Township is like Noah's ark."

The incident occurred around 7 p.m. when, according to media reports, Debbie DeRiemaecker was doing yard work.

The police posted on Facebook: "Now we know why that pig is smiling in the first pic! Lol"

The pig came toward her and stopped when it got distracted by a lawn ornament — a mystic globe — giving the homeowner time to call police, Coil said. It was one of two calls police received about the pig, which had traveled less than an eighth of a mile.

"We were able to corral the pig," he said. "It was returned to the owner without incident."

Photos of the pig, originally named Daisy, went viral Friday afternoon. One showed her looking out the rear squad car window and the other the inside of the car where the pig left "several large deposits" while in custody, Coil said.

"In light of what is going on in our profession on a daily basis, a good chuckle is always welcomed," he said

The pig's owner called the station and came to pick her up. He offered to clean the back of the squad car, Coil said.

As for the township's ordinance on pigs as pets, police informed the owner that pigs aren't allowed in residential neighborhoods.

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