Warren police make arrest after suspect fires shots

Holly Fournier and James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Warren — Police have arrested a man who fired a shot at responding officers late Tuesday morning, authorities said.

As result, several blocks of Van Dyke Street were briefly closed near Toepfer Road, according to police.

The trouble started at 11 a.m. when police got word that the man was having what appeared to be a domestic dispute with a woman, Mayor Jim Fouts told The News. When police responded, the man allegedly took a shot at them.

After police returned fire, the man is said to have barricaded himself in the home with the woman and a baby. Fouts said police have had previous contact with the man and there may be a mental health issue.

Police asked for Fouts’ approval to use a SWAT unit and were granted it.

“I don’t know if it’s a hostage situation,” Fouts said before the man was taken into custody.

Before long, police had the home surrounded. North of Toepfer, several Warren police cars and at least one fire truck were visible on the west side of Van Dyke during the police situation.

There were no reported injuries.

"Someone has been arrested," Sgt. Robert Priest said. "This situation has been resolved here."

Priest declined to provide further information about the incident or the suspect in custody.

During the standoff, northbound traffic on Van Dyke was rerouted onto eastbound Toepfer and several blocks of Van Dyke were closed north of Toepfer. Traffic was flowing in both directions by 11:40 a.m.

Neighbor Colleen Trella, 50, said she was shoveling snow when a fight broke out on the porch of a beige home across the street on the 7500 block of Chalmers near Van Dyke.

"There was a whole bunch of people down on the corner," Trella said. "I heard somebody holler, 'Don't shoot,' and just then I heard a pow."

Trella said she went inside her home and called police.

"They ran in the house and got the baby," said Trella, adding the young boy wore only a T-shirt. "Everybody just started running."

The group, with the young boy, fled into a white Dodge Charger, Trella said.

Trella was still on the phone with police when she heard four or five more gunshots, she said.

An individual in the Charger fired shots at the home and began to drive away, Trella said. Someone inside the home returned fire as police arrived.

Two men also fled the scene in a small, gray SUV, Trella said.

An officer at Trella's home confirmed police have located the white Charger allegedly involved. It was not immediately clear how many people were inside or if they are in custody.

The officer declined to comment further.