‘Price is Right Live!’ stops at Macomb College

Kyla Smith
The Detroit News

Long lines wrapped around the entrance to the show Friday in Clinton Township weren’t part of a movie premiere. The people queued up were vying for a chance to be a part of one of America’s beloved game shows.

The show was “The Price Right Live!,” which made a stop at Macomb Community College Friday evening, complete with pretty women dressed in sequins, cash and prizes.

The packed auditorium with more than 1,200 people erupted into ear-piercing cheers as the familiar theme song began to blare over the speakers.

As soon as Jerry Springer, the celebrity host, walked onto the stage, the crowd was already standing, screaming, “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.”

Shane Rabideau of Warren sported a neon green beard with his friend, Justin Hammond of Milford. Hammond, who had a bright blue glitter beard, and Rabideau are long-time fans of the game show.

“Back in the day, Bob Barker was the man,” Rabideau said. “My favorite game, hands down, is Plinko.”

The traveling show, based on the television game series of the same name will feature crowd favorites, in addition to Plinko, Big Wheel and the fabulous Showcase.

Picked at random, contestants have a chance to win cash and prizes.

Larry Ross of Chesterfield and Hunter Brucks of Monroe co-own the licensing rights of “Price is Right Live!” for the Midwest region.

“This is my hometown and people love game shows,” Ross said. “This is great for Macomb and I’m really excited the we were able to sell out both shows.”

Tickets sold out in 10 days.

Karen Hemmen of Clinton Township said her daughter Chivon Hemmen, who is a die-hard game show fan, bought her tickets as soon as they went on sale.

“I don’t really watch television, but I’m here to support my daughter because being on the ‘Price is Right’ is on her bucket list,” Hemmen said. “If my name happens to be called, I will just give her my badge.”

Those who didn't have tickets waited in lobby hoping for their name to be drawn from a special lottery to become a contestant.

Josh Jones of Macomb stayed up all night watching old episodes of the game show.

"I realized I was bidding too low, so I will make sure to double everything if I'm called," Jones said. "If I'm lucky tonight, I will walk away with a big cash prize."