‘I know he died ... hungry, cold,’ mom says of newborn

Oralandar Brand-Williams
The Detroit News

The Eastpointe woman accused of leaving her newborn boy in a garage to die in the dead of winter told authorities “I know he died of being hungry and cold.”

“I did not want my baby to die. I didn’t mean for him to pass. I didn’t want him to die,” Angela Alexie said in a videotaped police interview played in Macomb Circuit Court on Thursday.

She was questioned by police two weeks after his frozen body, whom Alexie said she would have named Robert, was found in January 2014 among discarded items at a Roseville recycling center.

Alexie added she believes she is the “worst person in the world.”

“I think I should be locked up,” Alexie said in the video shown to jurors and Judge James Biernat Jr. “I don’t know for how long. I know I should go away for a while.”

She is charged with felony murder and first-degree child abuse.

The baby died of hypothermia and neglect, authorities said. He was buried at Resurrection Cemetery on Clinton River Road and given the name “Henry Alexander Macomb” after the county’s namesake, Gen. Alexander Macomb.

Alexie, now 25, said during the police interview she gave birth to him Dec. 22 and was alone and scared. She said she wanted to drop him off at a local fire department where she would not be asked questions about his birth but she was in too much pain from the birth and could not walk.

Alexie said she left the child in a garage at her home because she didn’t want anyone to know she was pregnant and was afraid the newborn baby would be taken from her by Child Protective Services.

Alexie gave police three versions of her account of what happened to the baby: that she had miscarried, gave birth in a park and had the baby in the garage.

In the video shown Thursday, Alexie described in riveting detail giving birth alone in the garage and then chewing off the umbilical cord. She said she wrapped the baby in a T-shirt to keep him warm and went back and forth sporadically into the garage for three days to check on him. She said the baby cried when she checked on him and she tried to get him to breast-feed.

“Twenty times he cried. He wouldn’t feed,” Alexie said during the nearly two-hour long police questioning. “He wouldn’t latch.”

On the third day, Christmas Eve, she found him dead late at night. She said she put his lifeless body in a bag and took him to a shed outside her parents’ house.

She told police someone else put the bag with the body inside it in the recycling bin, but she didn’t say who.

The body of the boy was discovered on a conveyer belt at the ReCommunity Recycling Center on Groesbeck in Roseville.

During Alexie’s preliminary examination last February, Cyndee Johnson recounted being the first one to make the grisly discovery of the baby’s body on a conveyor belt.

Johnson, who had recently been hired as a sorter at the center, said she immediately knew the tiny, frozen figure among the plastics, metals and other materials was not a doll.

Johnson said the sight made her jump. “Stop the line! Stop the line! That’s a real baby!” Johnson said she yelled.

Johnson, 57, said she covered the baby with a blanket that was nearby.

“It was curled up like he was trying to keep warm,” she tearfully said. “It was cold. Blue and purple. Snow in its hair.”

On Thursday in the video interview with the police, Alexie said she didn’t know which of her male friends fathered her child. She has three other children and has lost custody of them.

“I feel extremely terrible about what happened,” Alexie said. “It could have been avoided.”

Testimony continues at 9 a.m. Friday with closing arguments expected.


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