Man accused of posing as FBI agent

Candice Williams

A 62-year-old Warren man previously convicted of impersonating a federal agent is in trouble with the law again for running the same scheme, officials said.

Kevin Ladon Balfour appeared in U.S. District Court’s Eastern District Friday on a criminal complaint the FBI filed against him in May.

Balfour is accused of posing as an FBI agent between 2014 an 2016 and using the identity to promise people that he could clear up legal matters, such as traffic tickets and criminal backgrounds, for a fee.

To help his ruse, Balfour wore a fake FBI badge on his belt and carried a handgun and handcuffs, officials said.

Balfour was convicted of a similar crime in 2010. According to officials, he plead guilty and was sentenced to three years in federal prison. He completed a supervised release in late September 2014.

A victim in the latest case, a convicted felon, told authorities that in 2014 he mentioned to Balfour and others that he was having a hard time getting a job because of his criminal record, FBI special agent William Fleming wrote in an affidavit filed in May.

“Balfour told (victim) that based upon Balfour’s contacts in law enforcement, for $500, Balfour could get (victim’s) criminal history cleared up,” Fleming wrote. “Balfour explained that the whole process took about a year to complete.”

According to authorities, the victim waited a year and then applied for a job. A potential employer mentioned the victim’s felony record.

“(Victim) attempted to locate Balfour after this without success,” Fleming wrote.

The victim did an internet search on Balfour and found an article about his previous arrest in 2010 and contacted the FBI, officials said.

A witness in the case told authorities that Balfour said he was a retired Chicago police officer and retired from the FBI.

Balfour will be detained until a Monday detention hearing to determine if he will be held or released on bond, officials said.

Anyone with information about potential victims, is asked to call the FBI Macomb County Resident Agency at (586) 412-4844.

(313) 222-2311