Cops try to ID sender of ‘racially charged’ letter

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Roseville police have pulled a fingerprint from a racially-charged letter sent to a black couple who just moved to their neighborhood, and are working to identify the sender, a statement from Police Chief James Berlin said.

The couple, who Berlin said have lived on Florida Street for “a few months,” received the letter on Saturday via the U.S. Postal Service. The letter came in a plain envelope with no return address.

The letter, according to the statement, contained “two racially derogatory terms with a red line through it.”

Other than the letter, the family says it hasn’t had any issues on the racial front since moving to town, and has no idea who might have sent the letter.

The fingerprints were sent Wednesday morning to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab, with a request that the lab expedite the work. If an ID can be made, police will pursue it, but the statement cautioned that “pending some type of identification of a possible suspect being ascertained through the fingerprints, it will be very difficult to charge a suspect in this matter.”