$10K bonds for ‘morons’ arrested in clown costumes

Nicquel Terry, and Holly Fournier

Two Roseville women were locked up on $10,000 bonds Friday after they allegedly dressed up as clowns and terrorized two teenaged girls.

Police say Elandra Sledge, left, and Jaime Salinis were both dressed in “full clown regalia from head to foot” and told officers they thought it was funny to scare the young girls.

Jaime Salinis and Elandra Sledge, both 18-year-olds from Roseville, were arraigned Friday on disorderly conduct before 39th District Court Judge Catherine Steenland. They stood mute to the charge and will be held at the Macomb County Jail until they post bond or reach their next court date Oct. 20.

The bond was set as cash or surety, with no 10 percent option, according to Roseville police. A misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge is punishable by up to 90 days in jail or a $500 fine.

The women, dubbed “morons” by police in a press release, allegedly donned “full clown regalia from head to foot” around 9 p.m. Thursday and lunged from a car to scare two 14-year-old girls walking down the 18000 block of Minnesota, near 13 Mile and Gratiot. They are accused of chasing them down the street and screaming at them, police said.

The victims fled and “came to the Roseville Police Department in hysterics,” police said in a release.

When police responded to the scene of the incident, they said they observed “two idiots” dressed as clowns.

The suspects were taken into custody after a brief chase. They allegedly told arresting officers that they “thought it was funny to terrorize unsuspecting pedestrians,” police said.

Two women were arraigned on disorderly conduct charges after allegedly dressing up in these costumes and terrorizing two 14-year-olds Thursday in Roseville.

This incident is the latest in a series of clown scares reported across Metro Detroit. Clowns are also popping up nationwide, causing police to treat them as a potential threat to public safety.

The Troy Police Department has had enough, declaring their schools “a clown free zone” after people allegedly made threats to scare students.

“Schools are a clown free zone,” police said in the post late Thursday. “The Police Department lock up is not a clown free zone.”

Troy police warned that the clown-scaring phase may lead to injuries.

“We like nice, law abiding clowns,” police said. “We would rather spend our time helping people, enforcing laws and hanging out at Tim Horton's.”

The local incidents began to unfold Sunday, when 17-year-old Chris Henckel posted a photo on Twitter of a clown standing in a car wash bay in Clinton Township at night, slowly waving at Henckel’s camera. “He tried to follow our car,” Henckel wrote. “This is getting insane.”

Three suspects have been arrested in Dearborn this week after two separate “scary clown” incidents, according to the police department. Several other reports also have been under investigation.

“These incidents create unnecessary hysteria, within our community, and threats and will not be tolerated,” Police Chief Ronald Haddad said in a statement. “The Dearborn Police Department will pursue charges against any individual that deliberately commits an act that is designed to create fear or panic among our citizens.”

One man is wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigations after an alleged spree of masked crimes including a Brownstown Township robbery Tuesday, two Livonia hold-ups and a Madison Heights carjacking on Thursday, as well as two earlier Ypsilanti bank robberies.

Local police agencies have said they believe the Madison Heights carjacking on Thursday was connected to a hotel robbery that day.

Meanwhile, Sterling Heights police are investigating reports that people dressed up as clowns attacked a 7-year-old boy and scared two women in separate incidents.