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Concrete chunk on I-696 strikes motorist in head

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

A Grosse Pointe woman was injured Wednesday morning after a piece of concrete from an expressway flew threw through her car’s windshield and struck her in the head, Michigan State Police said.

The MSP’s Lt. Mike Shaw said the incident happened at about 8:40 a.m. on Interstate 696 near Hoover in Warren.

FILE - This May 23, 2014 file photo shows traffic.  (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

The 42-year-old woman was traveling westbound on I-696 when a football-sized chunk of concrete flew up from the roadway, crashed through her vehicle’s windshield and struck her on the side of the head, Shaw said.

“It knocked her unconscious,” he said. “She lost control of her vehicle and struck another one, causing minor damage to it.”

The woman was taken to a hospital where she is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, officials said. Shaw said she had cuts on her face and nose.

He said the other vehicle’s driver was not harmed.

Michigan State Police continue to investigate.

“This is the type of accident that doesn’t happen very often,” Shaw said. “There wasn’t a heck of a lot the driver could have done. Once you’re unconscious, you’re subject to gravity and physics.

“But that’s good reason for motorists to stay off their cellphones and allow a lot of distance between the vehicle in front you. If something like this does happen, you can at least control your car and avoid making the situation worse.”