Sterling Heights restarts bike patrol to boost safety

The Detroit News

In a bid to boost safety at local parks, the Sterling Heights Police Department has reactivated its bicycle patrol unit, city officials announced Tuesday.

The department is partnering with city workers and volunteers to restart the unit, which began its patrols June 1 at the farmer’s market and Dodge Park bridge dedication.

It includes “bike cops” and traffic safety bureau motorcycle officers patrolling asphalt recreation trails as well as parking areas; Sterling Heights Police Explorers; a Clinton River Area Mountain Bike Association patrol trained as first responders; and citizens acting as “eyes and ears” to alert law enforcement about problems, administrators said in a statement.

Amid reports of vandalism and more visitors, Interim Police Chief Dale Dwojakowski has authorized two officer bike details to patrol the Clinton River Park system on certain days and hours, concentrating on the farmer’s market and Dodge Park summer concert series, according to the release.

Since the patrols started, dozens of warnings and tickets have been issued at the parks, program officials said Tuesday. The efforts are slated to continue through the fall.