Roseville police: 187 arrested in opioid crackdown

George Hunter
The Detroit News

A multi-jurisdictional task force based in Roseville aimed at combating the opioid trade netted more than 100 arrests over a recent three-day period, police officials said Friday.

Operation Smackdown IV, which involved 22 law enforcement agencies, resulted in 187 arrests, Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said in a release.

“The goal of this coordinated effort was (to) ... arrest as many drug traffickers as possible ... flood known trafficking areas with undercover officers so dealers did not know who were actually users and who were the police,” Berlin said.

Drugs, money, guns and drug paraphernalia confiscated during "Operation Smackdown IV," a three-day coordinated effort amongst 22 agencies targeting the growing epidemic of opioid and heroin traffickers, transporters and users at the Roseville City Council Chambers in Roseville on Sept. 22, 2017.

Detroit Police officers involved in the effort executed 25 search warrants. Five weapons and 53 vehicles were seized, Berlin said.

The drug users arrested during the operation were given rehabilitation options, including the “Hope not Handcuffs” program and Drug Court, Berlin said.

Berlin said he hoped “that we can make some inroads in shutting down some avenues of supply while hopefully stirring the addicts into rehabilitation.”

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