A Sterling Heights teen lifted a car off of a neighbor who was pinned beneath it. Another grabbed her garden hose and a yard maintenance crew to help douse a fire that was spreading at her neighbor’s house.

Still, another was dining at a restaurant when a 15-year-old went into cardiac arrest. She jumped into action and began CPR, saving his life.

These three and several others plus Fire Department employees on Sunday will receive the city’s civilian and department service awards. The award ceremony starts at noon at Fire Station No. 4 on 15 Mile Road.

The department will honor a dozen firefighters who responded to a four-alarm fire at Buff Whelan Chevrolet on July 18. 

Firefighter and paramedic Jason Phillips will be awarded the Fire Chief’s Award for his work in implementing the transportation service program that allows the injured to get to the hospital as quick as possible. 

Jacob Pawlike, Carol Niemasz and Susan Pendygraft will receive Exceptional Civilian Service awards, each for separate actions in August.  

Pawlik, 17, was nearby on Aug. 31 when a neighbor was pinned underneath his vehicle that fell on him while he was working on it. Pawlik used a floor jack to lift the car off his neighbor, saving his life.

Niemasz will be recognized for helping a neighbor on Aug. 28. A fire started at the neighbor's home and while it quickly spread, Niemasz called 911 then stretched her garden hose to help extinguish the fire. 

Pendygraft, a New Baltimore resident, was dining at the Country Cabin Restaurant in Sterling Heights when another patron, a 15-year-old boy, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and collapsed to the ground. She began performing CPR and continued until officers arrived. The boy was eventually revived and has made a full recovery.

Firefighter of the Year will also be awarded to Lt. Dave Pressel for showing "true leadership day in and day out," according to a release from the department. 

Fire Chief Christopher Martin said he looks forward to the October open house each year. 

"At each open house, we have an awards ceremony for any actions that rose to that level during the year between open house dates," he said. "Our system works in such a manner that allows our members in the field to submit an award recommendation for people whose actions they felt had a positive impact on the situation."

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