That sound above Metro Detroit? Ohio airmen

The Detroit News

Ohio airmen about 90 miles away from their home base conducted training exercises in Metro Detroit on Wednesday morning, leading folks on the ground to wonder who was circling overhead.

Selfridge Air National Guard Base, in response to “multiple queries today,” learned that the airmen were conducting routine training missions that included F-16 Fighting Falcon jets.

The Ohio airmen were about 90 miles northeast of their home base near Toledo, according Selfridge, which sent out the news release Wednesday afternoon.

Residents noticed the activity, fresh from a night of the sights and sounds of a meteoride entering the atmosphere over Michigan on Tuesday.

Residents took to Facebook to post about the fighter jets Wednesday:

“The morning after a meteor crash you always have military fighter jets circling close to the impact location....right? Okay, back to sleep,” said a poster.

“Sounded like multiple meteors over Rochester Hills this morning.... Nope, just some jets from Selfridge Air National Guard base flying around. Zoom Zoom✈️,” said another.