A Macomb County woman says it feels good to be  more financially secure after winning $500,000 in Club Keno. 

The woman, who remains anonymous, matched eight of the Club Keno numbers in the Extra drawing for the half-million dollar win. 

She bought the  ticket at a BP gas station on West Pontiac Trail in Walled Lake.

The player, 42, said she stopped on her lunch break to buy gas and bought the Club Keno ticket for $1.  

"When I got back to work, I watched the drawing on the Lottery's app and when I saw the numbers come in, I was stunned," she said in a statement. "It was hard to focus on work for the rest of the day." . 

When she got home, she showed her husband the ticket and they watched the drawing replay over and over.

"My husband and I have always worked hard, and winning this means we won't have to worry about our finances any more," she said. "It means less time working overtime and more time spent together."

A man from Waterford Township won $325,184 playing Fast Cash Slots at a BP gas station in Commerce Township on Tuesday. 

In 2017, players won nearly $423 million playing Club Keno, the Kicker and the Jack, according to Michigan Lottery.

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