Roseville Police Department is investigating a drive-by shooting that targeted, but never hit, three teenagers Thursday afternoon, the department said Friday.

The drive-by took place about 3 p.m. Thursday on the 26000 block of Pinehurst, which is north of Frazho and east of Gratiot.

Three teens were walking when a green Chrysler Concorde pulled up alongside. Its driver pulled a handgun and fired shots at the group before driving away. Police believe that at least five shots were fired. No one was hit, said Police Chief James Berlin, despite the area of the shooting backing up to an apartment building.

"It's a great big complex," Berlin said. "Ton of people over there."


Two police cars were in the area and officers heard the gunshots. They arrived in time to see the Concorde turn from southbound Pinehurst to eastbound Frazho, and tried to pull the car over.

Instead, the Concorde pulled away, and made it about two blocks before turning onto northbound Barbara, during which the driver lost control and hit a parked car.

The driver fled the vehicle on foot, tossing his handgun along the way.

In the Concorde, the suspect left behind a girl, described only as a "female juvenile," who has since been released to her parents.

Police set a perimeter, but were ultimately unable to catch the suspect.

Police are investigating the shooting and the crash, but early on "none of the parties involved, from the intended victims to the juvenile in car, have been cooperative with our investigators," with all of the above either claiming ignorance or changing their stories of what took place, per Berlin. 

"No one knows anything, no one saw anything," Berlin said.

The theory is that the drive-by "may be some form of retaliation" for a stabbing three weeks ago, during which a 21-year-old man took laceration wounds to his chest. The stabbing happened on the same street as Wednesday's drive-by.


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