It took about 90 minutes — and the help of a K-9 unit — to bring about the arrest of a man accused of sexual assault Thursday in an ordeal that required the brief lockdown of four schools in the area of 9 Mile and Ryan in Warren.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts says the assault took place about 8:30 a.m., but declined to give details about exactly where in town it took place or what's alleged to have happened.

Police responded and ordered four schools: Fitzgerald High, Chatterton Middle, Mound Park Elementary, and Schofield Elementary — locked down as they searched.

Within 90 minutes, the suspect was tracked down and arrested south of 9 Mile, in an arrest aided by a Warren Police Department K-9 dog. 

"The lockdown is over," Fouts said. "Neighbors can rest assured we have this man in custody."

Fouts declined to give ages for either suspect or victim, citing the ongoing investigation.

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