February is now in the history books and even though it may have felt exceptionally cold and snowy, the month was slightly warmer  than average, weather experts say. 

National Weather Service officials said the average temperature for the month was 28.3 degrees, about .2 degrees warmer than average.

"In terms of temperatures, we saw our swings, but when you add them all up and average them out, we were really right on target with what we normally see," Alex Manion, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service's White Lake Township office, siad. 

The region saw precipitation totaling 2.22 inches, again .2 inches more than is normal. 

For total snow accumulation, Metro Detroit only had 7.3 inches fall compared with the monthly average of 10.4 inches, said Alex Manion of the National Weather Service in White Lake Township.

The coldest day of February was the first day of the month, with a high of 16 and a low of minus 1, Manion said. Two days later, the temperatures had swung to a high of 55 degrees and a low of 35, making it the warmest day.

Otherwise, February was filled with freezing rain and drizzle, Manion said.

The first weekend of March will bring highs in the upper 30s and overnight lows in the lower 20s. There is a slight chance for snow on Saturday.

Beginning Sunday, a cold front moves in to bring the temps down to the mid-to-upper 20s during the day and upper-teens at night. Monday is more more of the same with upper-to -lower 20s and then single-digit temperatures at night.

Manion promises a warm-up later in the month.

"We have another round of pure winter coming up for next week," he said. "The good new is, by mid-March we're getting a signal that we could potentially flip to normal temps for March in the low-to-mid 40s."

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